Prof wireless IR remote extender GC-IR02


Prof wireless IR remote extender GC-IR02


Infrared (IR) remote controls have limited range and generally only work in the same room as the audio/video (A/V) component it controls as line of site is needed for communication to occur. The Prof wireless IR remote extender GC-IR02 uses an internal transmitter that converts your remote's IR signal into a radio frequency (RF) signal, giving you the ability to control your components up to 100 feet away, through walls, floors, doors and windows. Simply slide one of the rechargeable batteries into the transmitter and switch that out with a battery in your remote control; it works with remotes using AA or AAA batteries (AA sleeve adapter included). When the remote control is used, the IR signal is converted to RF and is sent to a small, AC-powered receiver (RF base station), which is placed facing the components you wish to control. The receiver then converts the signals back to IR and sends them to your components, all in a fraction of a second. Ideal for home theater setups that have components behind closed doors, you have the freedom to move throughout your home and control components that are out of sight. This device operates on a 433.92MHz.

  • Transmit the remote control signal with Radio Frequency
  • Range up to 100m(L.O.S.)
  • Transmitter installed in the remote controller
  • Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz



Operation Frequency


IR Emitting Range