PTG Engine End-User License Agreement

Prof Software License Agreement

  1. Vendors hardware includes the production developed and marketed by the Vendor or Vendor's OEM partners.

  2. "Software" includes the hardware drivers,  executable computer programs and any related   online, electronic and printed documentation as well as any other files which may accompany or follow the product.

  3. This Software was carefully crafted and tested by the Vendor and available for the Licensee at no cost.

  4. Title, copyright, intellectual property rights and distribution rights of the Software shall remain the exclusive property of the Vendor. This Agreement constitutes a user license only and by no means is not a transfer of Software ownership .

  5. Software application to other (not Vendor's) hardware is strictly prohibited.

  6. The Software can be downloaded/installed on not more than one computer. One copy may be made for backup purposes only.

  7. Vendor does not guarantee that the software suitability for a particular applications  or hardware configurations. Vendor declines any liability for software or errors damage resulting from either use of the Software or its unsuitability for use, including, but not limited to: business loss, business processes interruption,  data loss as well as all other material and immaterial losses and thereby resulting damage.

  8. The Software by no means can not be modified, decompiled, reverse-engineered, or disassembled in any possible manner through technologies available currently or in the future. Company name, trademarks, serial numbers and other Software attributes serving for identification, as well as other notes regarding legal reservations, are not subject to change. Any decompiling or disassembling of the Software is explicitly prohibited and will resul in prosecution in civil and criminal courts.

  9. This License Agreement is considered as valid without Vendors signature, and becomes effective upon the earlier of Licensee's signature or installation/use of the Software.

  10. Last modification: September 16, 2010.
    Version: 1.1.1