PTG Engine


PTG Engine 1.5


General Description

DVB represents a hardware-software complex device. It means that both PCB and software are used for the required task perfomance. PTG Engine software kernel consists of drivers.

According to many users, drivers are deemed as “configuration files” and nothing else. Such files make the computer able to identify a device. User imagines, that having plugged the device and ran a computer, he/she had to install the “configuration file” usually called “driver” to let the system see a new hardware, because until that, the operational system cannot work with the device.

In fact, driver does not configurate the device but drives it, which means operation of DVB-devices (including chips) on a basic level. All the modern domestic DVB-cards have a  “program processing of the flow” parameter.  This means that such DVB-cards receive a satellite signal (i.e. PCI, PCI-E, USB traffic flow) and transfer the data to the computer operational memory (through PCI, PCI-E, or USB interface). Driver program carries out the main data processing. 

Drivers are using the operational system resources (CP, memory, installed software, codecs etc.) to process the satellite flow. The quality of DVB-card's operation with transponders directly depends on drivers' quality, whether DVB-card is catching or holding the signal, taking into account the changing of transponder's frequency. That's why the quality of signal reception by DVB-card is subject to drivers and related software effectiveness, and not only to the hardware quality.

Marketing point of view assumes that the client requires the function fulfilled by the equipment, not the equipment itself. We are well aware that clients are buying drills because they are in need of wall holes.

On a basis of abovementioned marketing approach, Prof Tuners Group offers to the user not just a beautiful packed DVB-card with batteries and remote control, but complex system to satisfy all his/her needs. In particular, it is the feature of using satellite Internet and watching satellite TV programs on your computer without any interferences.

Such a complex product supplied along with Prof DVB-cards is called PTG Engine.

 PTG Engine Main Advantages 

1. High speed transponders list locking. 

2. High speed TV-channel switching.

3. Reliable TV/Internet reception(receives satellite TV/Internet without any disruption as long as possible).    

4. Uniform interface for interaction with programs by other developers. It allows to quickly make the new modules for new DVB-devices with rotor, DiSEqC-switch and remote control support.    

PTG Engine Modules 

PTG Engine core consists of drivers. Second largest part is Prof IP DATA program which provides a satellite Internet connection withoiut any failure during unlimited time period.

To receive a satellite TV, Prof Tuners Group recommends you to use such programs as ALTDVB, DVBViewer and DVBDream. PTG Engine's developers further efforts are directed not only toward the program development but also toward the development of specific modules for these programs.

The main criteria for choosing these programs are stable and reliable work during unlimited time period, and system resources economy. Once the new programs satisfying these principles will appear, PTG Engine will be integrated with such programs as fast and qualitative, as it possible, and we will immediately add that programs to our recommended programs list. This means that when some special modules appears, an appropriate drivers changes are being made.


Scheme of the main PTG Engine modules



PTG Engine 1.5


At this moment, PTG Engine is being supplied with such devices as Prof Red Series DVB-S 6200 PCI, Prof Red Series DVB-S2 7300 PCI, Prof Revolution DVB-S2 7301 PCI, Prof Revolution DVB-S2 7500 USB, Prof Revolution DVB-S2 8000 PCI-E, and Prof Luxury CI.

PTG Engine has been designed by the Prof Tuners Group development center in Hamburg (Germany). DVB-S/S2 cards by Prof with PTG Engine are tested on such European satellites as Astra, Sirius, Hotbird, and the like.

Buying the Prof Tuners Group production, you will get really reliable, quite qualitative equipment projected in Germany and fully tested in Europe, Asia, Australia and both Americas.