Prof DVB-S/S2-cards Setup Instructions

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DVB-card Operation Rules

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Prof Drivers Setup from the Inf-file

  In Windows, oficially, it is allowed to install drivers only using the inf-files. All other ways are deemed non-official and Microsoft company, Windows developer,  does not guarantee the proper operation of  non-official "autoinstallers", as well as there is no guarantee that such a software will not harm the system integrity or Windows registry.

Prof Tuners Group Ltd firmly recommend you to use only inf-files for the Prof. production drivers installation.


Rapid Satellite Internet Access

Using the Prof IP DATA utility from "PTG Engine" with Prof-6200/7300/Revolution/Luxury CI DVB-cards  you may operate in Internet via satellite fast and easy.

Software Installation and Setup

Questions Regarding Our Equipment

Technical Support Request Form

Making a request to the Technical Maintenance Service, please, include the following information:

Model of your DVB-card *:                                                                                                       
DVB-card SN and MAC-address *
 (these are indicated on the package box and PCB label)
Version of Drivers *:
Accurate setting towards the sattelite*: 
(yes/no, how was it checked)                                                                                                           
Operational System *
(XP/Vista/7, service-packs (SP1, SP2, SP3))
Satellite *:   
(name, orbital position, LNB type (Ku-band or C-band), S or S2 transponder)
Detailed Problem Description *:
(describe your actions sequence before the problem arose, what error notification Windows has displayed? Please, indicate the maximum of possible details, so that we could answer you at once without asking you about every single detail during the long-term process of written communication)
(If possible, please add screenshots in jpg, gif, png or doc format)


Fields marked with "*" sign  - are requred.

Filled questionary should be sent to:

E-mail: (English).

Note 1: We only accept the support requests for the latest software and drivers versions.

Note 2: In fact, in most cases our Users ask us standard questions. Here you will find the answers:

Qestion 1. Having switched on the IP DATA, I started DVBDream/AltDVB/ProgDVB/ etc. Looking at  the picture I saw that it is glitching.
Building “a graph” for their operation, BDA-drivers fully use the DVB-card resources. It is impossible to run two applications with the same DVB-card simultaneously. When you use TV-utilities, the IP DATA should be closed.

Qestion 2: BSOD message appears (BSOD).
Answer: Once or twice a month, approximately, Users may got BSOD message at the PC. Blue Screen may be caused by many different reasons. The hardware conflicts are most widely spread. The second  type is device drivers conflicts. The third conflict type is filter, decoder errors, and system errors. Errors in H.264 stream can also make a hardware decoder “glitch” and result in BSOD. And even when an error (number, address, and library) is determined, it is sometimes difficult to obtain the certain reason of critical error.

Software of  PTG Engine set,  when it is being operated, does not provoke BSOD.  In the case of BSOD, the best action is to determine the real reason of an error, referring to Microsoft documentation. BSOD is not a reason, just a consequence . If BSOD takes place during the DVB-card driver installation, then your card is conflicting with some other hardware installed at your computer or there is a software conflict with previous driver which has not been specially uninstalled(this means that Windows tries to initialize the new driver for the device, which has another driver already initialized. In such a situation, BSOD arise as well).

Internet Forums and Communities

PTG company does not have a forum and we do not plan to organize it. We release our equipment on a basis of "It simply works, and that’s all!" principle. We have nothing to hide about our production and you are free to discuss it on any forum available for you. Meanwhile, we have no opportunity to permanently moderate the forum, leaving only positive messages and deleting the ones from unsatisfied clients which will always exist, disregarding the quality of the product.

Of course, we understand that the process of satellite receiver equipment(antenna, Diseq-switch, rotor, converter and others) and PC software(Operational systems, codecs, programs, drivers and others) installation and setup will always arouse additional questions. It is impossible to provide instructions "for all ocasions", so we would like to recommend you participating in the following satellite Internet-communities to enrich your knowledge, and find the required information.



My "Cake And Eat It" HTPC Answers. (Prof Revoluton 7301, Great Britain)


DVB-S/S2 and Satellites


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Liability Warning

PTG and PTG representatives decline any legal or financial liability for materials published in all the satellite Internet-communities.

Besides, you act at your own risk following the advices given to you by other members of Internet-communities.

PTG does not recommend you to put the third-parties instructions into practice to make your own modifications of Prof devices, including removal or addition of PCB electronic components from Prof devices, or other actions, which may result in mechanical damage of Prof equipment.