Our warranty covers one year from the payment date


PTG's warranty obligations are limited by the following terms and conditions: This Prof Tuners Group Ltd. ("PTG") hardware product is guaranteed against the workmanship and materials defects for a ONE (1) YEAR period from the original date of retail purchase. In the case of defect existence, PTG will, at its sole discretion:  (1) repair the product for free, using new or recovered parts for replacement, (2) provide the product exchange with a new product or with the one manufactured from new or serviceable parts and functionally is at least equivalent to the original product, or (3) refund the product’s purchasing price. When a part or product is exchanged, any replaced item becomes the property of PTG and the replacement item becomes the property of yours. When you receive a refund, the product becomes the property of PTG.
A part/product replacement assumes either the original product warranty remaining or the new warranty period of ninety (90) days from replacement or repair date, depending on which variant would provide you with longer coverage.


Prof Revolution 7301


You always have the opportunity to check your DVB-card to originality. So you can see up to what date the warranty. All this can be found on page Checking Products.