Drivers Installation and Setup in Windows


Some users may be unable to install the  “Virtual MPE Decoder Adapter” automatically with the help of  IP DATA installer.

OS Windows has the three fixed unregistered drivers installation modes: "Install", "Ask", and "Don’t install". When Windows XP is being upgraded from SP2 to SP3 some third service-pack assemblies are transfered in "Don’t install" mode.

Before IP DATA installation it is required to switch Windows XP SP3 to the"Ask" mode. This should be done manually in the Windows setup, because the user applications (including IP DATA installer) cannot change this OS setting.

To switch OS Windows to the "Ask" mode following steps are required: "Start" => "Control panel" => "System" => "Tab Equipment" => "Key Drivers registration"

Choose the second variant:"Prevent – every time offer selection of action ", and press the "OK" key.

Important Notes

1. “Virtual MPE Decoder Adapter” driver  IS UNABLE TO BE INSTALLED AUTOMATICALLY in non-official pirate OS Windows assemblies. In such assemblies some libraries required for automatic installation are absent. Application of setup :" Prevent – every time offer selection of action " cannot assist with automatic «Virtual MPE Decoder Adapter» setup with the help of IP DATA installer in such non-official OS Windows assemblies.

2. PTG strongly recommend you to use only the official OS Windows XP SP2/SP3 assembly at your PC to reach the higher operational level of satellite Internet and TV.

3. OS Windows Vista and OS Windows 7 can be used at PC to receive satellite TV only with limitation to work with h.264 for HDTV decoder.